In case of Emergency call:

Vial of Life

In your time of emergency every second count. 

Vial of Life is a national program to ensure that emergency personnel know, treat, and respect your medical decisions.  Vial of Life will expedite treatment by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and provide emergency department personnel the accurate information necessary to treat your needs. 

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Join the Vial of Life Program with AlphaOne in 3 Steps

Request your Vial of Life Kit

Fill the form below to request your Vial of Life Kit. The kit includes the document to let emergency personnel of your medical decisions and a Vial of Life sticker.

Fill the Vial of Life Document

Include any medical decisions and info that a emergency personnel should know to treat your needs.

Place the Vial of Life

Use the sticker on your front window to let first reponders know you participate on the Vial of Life program, and place the Vial of Life kit on your refrigerator with your info.

In case of an emergency, EMS personnel will check the info and instructions you leave on your Vial of Life form to quickly assess the best way to treat you while respecting your medical decisions.

Vial of Life Request