In case of Emergency call:

Emergency Response

AlphaOne Ambulance operates in Sacramento County delivering Emergency Medical Services.

We provide the highest level of care available by operating ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulances staffed with one licensed Paramedic and their certified ALS EMT Partner.

Together these capable clinicians will respond to any medical emergency in Sacramento County 24/7. From a small fall to the heaviest heart attacks our technicians can be accessed through our central Communications Center located in Rancho Cordova, CA.

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Our system allows you (civilians) to access emergency medical services through our (916) 635-1111 phone number that runs parallel to the traditional “911” response system.

AlphaOne elevates emergency services with high customer service expectations, senior specific education and a “Leave No Footprint” quiet approach to emergency scene calls.

Our crews operate exclusively through Sacramento County EMSA Protocols under Medical Direction of Dr. Nathan Beckerman.